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TO It’s finally possible to use ChatGPT with Siri: Here’s how to boost the Apple voice assistant in a very simple way!

If you also love and use ChatGPT often, we are about to give you news that will surely make you very happy.

The official ChatGPT app available in the App Store has just been updated with some really interesting news.

First of all, compatibility with iPad has been added, so now the application can also be installed on the tablet where it will be able to make the most of the larger screen.

The most interesting thing, however, is that the official integration with Siri and the Shortcuts app has been added!

This means that it is now possible to use ChatGPT with Siri, or, in other words, we can finally overcome Apple’s biggest limitation, which is to have the “dumbest” voice assistant of all.

With this novelty, our Siri becomes very powerful because by talking to Siri we will actually interface with ChatGPT obtaining its fantastic discursive and super complete responses.

We had already published a guide on how to use Siri powered by ChatGPT, but it was a very complex process with several limitations, since it was necessary to use developer APIs that offer a limited number of requests. Now everything becomes easier, faster, well integrated, connected to our account and therefore what we ask for will also remain in our history, visible from the app or from the web. In short, now it’s just perfect and we’ve made a change to the command in order to make it even better and easier to use.

How to use ChatGPT with Siri by getting boosted responses

First, you need to install the official ChatGPT app or update it to the latest version available in the App Store. Without updating, you won’t get anywhere!

Image of ChatGPT

If you haven’t used the app before, open it for the first time, log in and make sure it works.

Now, download the Shortcut we’ve created and called “Hear“, which will make using ChatGPT via Siri much easier and more natural:

After installing our command, you can immediately start using the enhanced version of Siri, without having to do anything else!

From any screen on your iPhone, even from Home:

  • You: Hey Siri, “Look”
  • Siri: “What do you want to ask me?”
  • You: – Ask Siri what you want with your voice, and you’ll get the (always voice) response from ChatGPT

Beautiful, isn’t it? And there’s more… This system also supports chained questions, just like a real conversation. This means that after asking a question and getting an answer, we can continue talking, asking other things, without having to invoke Siri again or even having to say “Listen”.

Of course you can change the “trigger” word of the command, changing “Feel” to anything else you want. To do this, simply rename the shortcut after downloading and installing it from iSpazio.


Note 1: If the command doesn’t work for you, it’s because the ChatGPT app didn’t add shortcuts correctly in the Shortcuts app. This should normally happen automatically, but you can solve it like this:

  • Completely erase the ChatGPT app from the iPhone, also delete the “Feel” shortcut. Now download the ChatGPT app again from the App Store, open it, log in and download the “Feel” command again. Everything should be there now!


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