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How to check if your MagSafe Charger is genuine or counterfeit

A few days ago, an Apple spokesperson announced that it had removed more than 1 million counterfeit accessories from the market in the last year, i.e. products that were passed off as original Apple taking up the same design, but which in reality were not.

Using fakes, especially if they are accessories such as cables or chargers that act directly on the battery, can be risky and we could even suffer serious damage.

With the iPhone 12 and the introduction of MagSafe, the most counterfeited product of this period seems to be the MagSafe Charger, so if you have one and you have not purchased it from an official retailer, we provide you with instructions to check if it is an original product:

1. Connect the MagSafe charger to your smartphone and plug it in – make sure it’s charging your phone.

2. Aprite Impostazioni > Generali > Info

3. Scroll down the screen until you find Apple MagSafe Charger. Here you will find all the information about the charger starting with the manufacturer: Apple Inc, the model, which in my case is A2140 and the firmware version.

If your result doesn’t say “Apple Inc.,” then you’re using a MagSafe Charger that’s aesthetically identical but not original.

Note: Obviously, the danger of accessories is high when they are counterfeit, but this does not mean that every product that is not Apple brand represents a threat. There are thousands of third-party manufacturers who do things right and carry out various tests on their chargers until they get approval from the appropriate bodies. You can use this type of accessory without any problems. The only ones to ask questions about are those identical to Apple but which strangely

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