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How to turn on Time Signal on any Apple Watch

Time Signal

On Apple Watches it is possible to activate the “Time Signal“, a little-known function that would actually be attributable to Accessibility but that no one forbids us to use in case it could be useful to us.

As the word suggests, with the time signal we can activate a very small sound and a vibration every hour that will also work in silent mode.

The time signal can be useful for figuring out the time immediately, without even looking at the clock. It is also possible to choose smaller intervals such as 30 minutes or 15 minutes.

How to turn on Time Signal on Apple Watch:

  • Let’s open the Watch application and then Accessibility
  • Let’s locate the item “Time signals”
  • We flip the switch and then choose whether to make it sound every hour, every 30 or 15 minutes
  • As a last customization possibility, we can choose between the sound of the bells and that of the birds.

The same process can also be performed directly from your Apple Watch:

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