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When’s the best time to buy new appliances?

So, your trusty refrigerator has finally given up the ghost, or maybe you’re eyeing that shiny new washing machine. But the world of appliance shopping can be overwhelming, right? Fear not! We’ve got your back with everything you need to know about snagging the best deals and making your purchases hassle-free.

When is the Best Time to Buy Appliances?

Forget about waiting for that one perfect day to shop; appliances have multiple sweet spots throughout the year where you can score big discounts.

  • Memorial Day: Typically packed with sales on big-ticket items, including appliances. Keep an eye out for Maytag Month promotions in May for extra savings on washers and dryers.
  • Independence Day: Look for deals that might require purchasing multiple appliances, and don’t worry if you can’t shop on the 4th; sales often extend into August.
  • Amazon Prime Days: Online shoppers, rejoice! Prime Day, usually in July and October, offers hefty discounts on appliances and more for Amazon Prime members.
  • Labor Day: Marking the end of summer, this holiday sees markdowns on a wide range of items, including appliances. Plus, enjoy free delivery perks.
  • Back-to-School Deals: Expect discounts on small appliances like mini-fridges, air fryers, and coffee makers as college students gear up for campus life.
  • Veterans Day: Keep an eye out for limited-time discounts, especially for current and former military personnel.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The juggernauts of sales events, offering massive price cuts on appliances and other goods. Expect discounts of 35-40% or more.
  • After New Appliance Releases: Fall through early winter (September to December) is prime time as manufacturers clear out older models before the holiday season.

Helpful Tips for Appliance Shopping

Now that you know when to shop, here are some handy tips to make your appliance-buying experience smooth sailing:

  • Compare Prices: Don’t rush into purchases on sale days. Take your time to compare prices across different stores and check out the appliances in person for a better understanding.
  • Ask About Floor Models: Floor models can be just as good as brand-new ones but at a discounted price. Don’t hesitate to inquire about them to snag a bargain.
  • Protect Your Investment: Consider appliance protection plans like Asurion Appliance+® for hassle-free coverage and 24/7 troubleshooting support.


Armed with the knowledge of when to buy, where to look, and how to shop smart, you’re ready to conquer the world of appliance shopping. Remember to keep an eye out for those sales, compare prices diligently, and protect your purchases for peace of mind.


  1. When is the best time to buy appliances?

    • While there isn’t a single best time, keep an eye out for major sales events like Memorial Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, as well as after new appliance releases in the fall.
  2. Are floor models worth buying?

    • Absolutely! Floor models can offer significant savings without sacrificing quality. Just be sure to inspect them thoroughly before purchasing.
  3. Do I need appliance protection?

    • It’s a smart move to consider appliance protection plans like Asurion Appliance+® to safeguard your investment and ensure hassle-free repairs or replacements

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