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Ways to make the battery on your iPhone 15 last longer

Are you loving the sleek features of your new iPhone 15 but finding your battery draining faster than expected? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. With the powerful capabilities of the iPhone 15, it’s common for the battery to need a little extra TLC. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with some simple tips to make your battery last longer.

Turn off the Always On feature:

The Always-On feature displays information even when your phone is locked, consuming extra power. Head to Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On Display to toggle it off.

Opt for still wallpapers:

Animated wallpapers might look cool, but they drain your battery faster than static ones. Choose a still photo as your wallpaper to conserve battery life.

Disable Live Voicemail:

While Live Voicemail offers real-time transcriptions of voicemails, it can also impact your battery life. Turn it off by navigating to Settings > Phone > Live Voicemail.

Lower brightness levels:

Dimming your screen reduces power consumption. Adjust brightness in Settings > Display & Brightness to save battery.

Turn off Haptic feedback:

Haptic feedback enhances typing experience but consumes battery. Disable it in Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback.

Limit notifications:

Each notification activates your screen, draining battery. Customize notification settings in Settings > Notifications to conserve power.

Disable Background App Refresh:

Prevent apps from updating in the background to save battery. Find this option in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Adjust Auto-Lock settings:

Set a shorter time for your screen to automatically lock in Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

Adjust Location Services:

Apps constantly accessing your location can be a battery drain. Manage this in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Optimize charging:

The iPhone 15 has a new feature to limit charging to 80%, preserving battery health. Enable it in Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging.


By implementing these simple adjustments to your iPhone 15 settings, you can significantly extend your battery life, ensuring that your device stays powered throughout the day without constant recharging. Enjoy your iPhone experience to the fullest while maximizing its efficiency and longevity.


1.Why is my iPhone 15 battery draining so fast?

The advanced features of the iPhone 15, such as high-resolution screens and powerful cameras, can consume more battery power. Additionally, background processes and settings like Always-On display and Live Voicemail can contribute to faster battery drain.

2.How often should I charge my iPhone 15 to maintain battery health?

It’s recommended to charge your iPhone 15 whenever necessary but avoid letting it drain completely before charging. Additionally, consider enabling the charging optimization feature to limit charging to 80%, which can help prolong battery life over time.

3.Will adjusting these settings affect my overall iPhone experience?

While some adjustments may alter certain features, such as disabling Haptic feedback or limiting notifications, the overall impact on your iPhone experience should be minimal. You can always adjust settings to find the right balance between battery life and functionality

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