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How to unblock a number on an Android phone

Are you tired of avoiding calls and texts from certain people or organizations on your Android phone? Whether it’s an ex-partner, a persistent telemarketer, or a political group you no longer support, blocking a number can provide relief. But what if you have a change of heart? Fortunately, unblocking a number on your Android smartphone is a breeze. Let’s walk through the process together.

Why Unblock a Number?

Blocking a number is a handy feature, but there are times when unblocking becomes necessary:

  1. Mistaken Blocking: You accidentally blocked a number that you need to hear from.
  2. Important Updates: You realize that you’ve been missing essential calls or texts, such as job or health updates.
  3. Changing Perspective: Spam calls or texts from a contact were annoying in the past, but now you’re okay with receiving them.

How to Unblock Numbers on Android

Here’s a straightforward guide to unblocking numbers on your Android device:

Using the Phone App:

  1. Open the Phone App: Locate and open the built-in Phone app on your Android device.
  2. Access Settings: Tap the More icon (three dots) at the upper-right corner of your screen, then tap “Settings” followed by “Blocked Numbers.”
  3. Unblock: Identify the contact you want to unblock, tap the X next to it, and select “Unblock.”

From the Recent Calls Menu:

  1. Open Phone App: Launch the Phone app on your device.
  2. Access Recent Calls: Tap the “Recents” tab to view your recent phone calls list.
  3. Unblock Directly: Look for the Block icon (a red upside-down phone) beside the contact you want to unblock. Tap it, then tap “i” at the bottom, followed by the More icon and “Unblock contact.”

Via the Contacts App:

  1. Open Google Contacts: Navigate to the Google Contacts app on your device.
  2. Access Blocked Numbers: Tap “Fix & Manage” followed by “Blocked Numbers” under Other tools.
  3. Unblock: Identify the number you want to unblock and tap the red dash next to it.


Unblocking a number on your Android phone is a simple process that ensures you receive calls and texts from previously blocked contacts. Whether it’s correcting a mistake or reevaluating your preferences, knowing how to unblock numbers grants you greater control over your communication.


1. Can I accidentally unblock a number?

No, unblocking a number requires deliberate action, so you won’t accidentally unblock someone.

2. Will I immediately receive calls and messages after unblocking?

Yes, once you unblock a number, you should start receiving calls or messages from that contact right away.

3. Can I unblock multiple numbers at once?

Yes, you can unblock multiple numbers by repeating the unblocking process for each contact.

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