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How to change the light colors on your PS5 controller

Are you tired of the same old blue or red glow from your PS5 controller? Want to add a pop of color to your gaming setup? Look no further! Changing the color of your PlayStation controller is easier than you might think. In this guide, we’ll show you some simple ways to customize your PS5 controller’s color and add a personalized touch to your gaming experience.

Can you change the PS5 controller color?

Yes, you can change the color of your PS5 controller, but there are limitations. While you can use controller skins to change the external appearance, altering the color of the controller’s light bar is a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, the PS5 system settings don’t currently allow for changing the light bar color permanently. However, there are still creative alternatives to explore.

Ways you can change the PS5 controller colors:

Controller modifications:

You can purchase specially modified PS5 controllers with custom LED lighting or buy the parts to modify your controller yourself. This option allows for more permanent color changes, but it requires some technical know-how.

Third-party software:

Some gamers have developed third-party software that enables customization of the PS5 controller’s light bar. However, using such software comes with potential risks, so it’s essential to research reputable options and follow installation instructions carefully.

Gaming platform settings:

Certain gaming platforms like Steam may offer color customization options for controllers. While these options may be limited, they provide a straightforward way to change your controller’s appearance without additional software.

How to maintain controller performance:

While customizing your PS5 controller, it’s crucial to consider performance to ensure your gear remains game-ready:

  • Avoid over-modification: Making too many changes to your controller can affect its functionality. Stick to simple alterations that won’t interfere with gameplay.
  • Regularly update software: Keep your controller and any customization software up to date to ensure smooth operation and compatibility with the latest updates.
  • Handle with care: When applying physical modifications like skins or lights, make sure they don’t impede button or joystick movement to maintain optimal performance.


Customizing your PS5 controller is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your gaming experience. Whether you opt for pre-modified controllers, third-party software, or platform settings, there are plenty of options to explore. Just remember to prioritize performance and handle your controller with care to ensure it stays in top condition for all your gaming adventures.


1.Can I change the color of my PS5 controller without using third-party software?

Yes, you can use controller skins or explore color customization options on certain gaming platforms like Steam.

2.Will modifying my PS5 controller affect its performance?

It’s essential to avoid over-modification, as excessive changes can potentially interfere with the controller’s functionality. Stick to simple alterations and handle your controller with care.

3.How often should I update my controller’s software?

It’s recommended to regularly update both your controller’s firmware and any customization software you’ve installed to ensure smooth operation and compatibility with the latest updates

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