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Microsoft shows us how to easily move from Mac to Surface Book

Moving  from one operating system to another is often accompanied by a number of problems associated with a completely different user interface, a set of built-in features and
capabilities of the ecosystem change and other factors. Realizing this, Microsoft wants to make the transition from user computers running Apple’s OS X on the new laptop Surface Book and the Windows operating system 10 very simple and fast.For this a special guide was released on their official website.

The guidelines for the transition from Mac to Surface Book Microsoft offers the following:
  • 1. Getting started with Windows 10 on the Surface Book;

2. tips for using your Surface Book; transfer photos, files, mail, and other content from Mac to Surface Book;
4.Use Surface Book with iPhone, iCloud and iTunes.
So Microsoft wants to persuade Mac users  that the transition to the Surface Book will be for them as comfortable as possible.
Source:  Microsoft news

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