[NEW METHOD] How To Create Instagram Story Highlights Cover on Your Smartphone.


Using Instagram story highlights cover will make your profile more attractive and help you get followers. Today i will be showing you easy steps on how to create cover highlights using your smartphone, no PC/Computer needed.

In the screenshot below, Which Profile Is looking more attractive?

Obviously Profile 2 Why? – Because they are using Instagram story highlights + Cover on them and in this post I will show you step by step.


Step 1: Download and install INSHOT from playstore Here or you can use any photo editor of your choice.

Step 2: After that Go to Google and search for a background, In this example I am going to search for blue background but you use any colour you want.

Step 3: After that you need an icon for your story. In this example I am going to create an highlight cover for my ” Book highlight ” so I am going to search for Books icon and if you are creating this cover for cars,dogs or cat, then search them here.

But make sure that you use the icon which have a transparent background else it will not work.

Step 4: After that Open your Inshot application or any of your preferred image editor and select Photo and then choose your background image from your gallery.

Step 5: After that add your icon over the background and then save it.

Step 6: Now open your Instagram Profile page and click on this “+” Sign

Step 7: After that your Old stories will be shown to you which you can use to create highlights, So just select the images and then click next.

Step 8: Now click on that ” Edit Cover ” and upload the cover which we created. And hit save.

All Done!


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